A new model for team innovation

Innovation Academy is a team-based, outcome-oriented platform that enables your team to build the skills it needs to succeed.

You’ve built great teams. We help them deliver.

Our Innovation Plays (and larger Playbooks) provide your team the hands-on, step-by-step milestones and deliverables needed to solve real problems.

Create a corporate foresight ability

In this innovation play, your team will build the mindset and skill set underlying a corporate foresight ability. The tools occupy connecting, envisioning, and discovering — the earliest of the innovation stages.

Develop a vision everyone can join

As you start your innovation journey, one of the first milestones is to build a comprehensive, inclusive vision. Drawing together insights, defining opportunities and creating a vision are front-end skills.

Complete a deep customer study

Discovering your potential stakeholders, customers and users are critical in defining the "what, how and why" of your design approach. A comprehensive user study helps you discover the driving questions.

Model our future customer

By the time you release your amazing innovation, it's likely that the customer you set out to understand has "moved on." Get ahead of where your customer is going by modeling how they'll change.

Advance an idea through prototypes

"How do we know whether we have a good idea?" is best answered through multiple cycles of build-test-iterate. Following a circular design approach to prototyping delivers the answer.

Build an innovation ecosystem

Innovation is a team sport. Moving beyond foresight and design requires a new set of skill sets which can be built via hiring, training and partnering.

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